Sound Baths

Experience healing sounds and vibrations of a Sound Bath with the little extra!
Immerse yourself in beautiful sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gong, shamanic drum, chimes and human voice that are healing for your body, mind and spirit.

Simone creates a comfortable, safe space where your body can reach deep levels of relaxation, your mind becomes calm and peaceful as thoughts begin to slow down, allowing deep healing to take place on all levels.

Monthly Sound baths at The Sanctuary
Smithfield, Dublin 7 – Book here

Healing Touch & Sound workshop day

Sat. 29 JUNE 10.30am – 6pm – Loreto center, Crumlin, Dublin 12, Ireland 

Explore the ancient practise of Thai yoga massage and learn how to apply easy to use sound healing tools, like tuning forks and singing bowls on the body, to enhance your body treatments. 

This is for beginners as well as for anybody who wants to improve their practise and add sound healing to their practise. 

Enjoy a workshop day with an expert on it’s field: Nigel Hanlon (Thai yoga massage therapist) & Simone Meschnig (Sound healing theapist and teacher)

Healing Voices Retreat

Voice – Movement – Meditation

Sat. 26 Oct. – 10.30am – 5.30 – Hollywood Forest Research Centre, Ireland 

Explore your healing voice through toning, chanting, gentle body movement and meditation. This class is suitable to anyone who needs some relaxation in their busy life.  You don’t need to be a singer. If you can talk you can sing/tone. MORE INFO AVAILABLE SOON 


Singing bowls workshop

Introduction to Tibetan Singing bowls 

Sat. 2 Nov. 2024 – 10am-2.30pm -The Sanctuary, Dublin 7

This workshop is an introduction into the healing power of sound of Tibetan singing bowls. We explore different tapping techniques how to create multiple tones as well as how to make a bowl sing beautifully. You will also learn and experience techniques how to work on and off the body as well as giving and receiving a wonderful “sonic massage” We finish up with a relaxing sound bath. View workshop

Soul soothing Sound healing retreat day

This retreat day is a blend of sound healing practices, creative activities and a space of deep listening to your soul / hearts yearning. Together we aim to let go of the old in order to create space and planting the seeds to grow something new with different practices like:


New date will be announced soon

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