Sound Baths at your Workplace

Sound Baths at your Workplace

They are a wonderful part of a corporate wellness program as they…

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • enhance focus, creativity and productivity
  • help in team building and connection
  • create a more peaceful environment at the workplace

Whether you choose to include sound baths as a regular wellness event, or just for a special occasion, your employees will benefit greatly from this relaxing experience.

Sound bath – 40-60 min.

Participants relax in a comfortable position, while listening to a guided meditation, accompanied by an immersion in beautiful sounds and vibrations. Instruments such as Singing bowls, gongs and chimes relax the body and calm the mind. People feel more relaxed and refreshed after a sound bath.

Breathwork & Sound Bath – 60-80min.

Participants are led through an easy to follow breathing exercise followed by a sound bath. This great combination of breathwork and sound bath will support participants to feel more clear, energized, and creative. The breathing exercise taught is a great tool for stress management.

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